A Large Proportion of Your Customers And Competitors Are Already Mobile. Why Aren't You...?

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If you are a business owner that already has a currently existing website, there are a couple of key reasons why you would want to switch over. There are lots of activities that you should be engaged with, in order to increase your site's authority, ranking, and overall quality. Here is a summary of the main reasons to go mobile.

1. An Improved User Experience

Mobile websites are specifically designed for the consumer's hand held devices because absolutely everyone hates visiting a desktop website on their smartphone. It's clunky, slow, and overall unresponsive to your gestures. However on the contrary, having a fast, user-friendly, and intuitive mobile theme will create trust and credibility for your company.

2. Quicker and More Responsive UI

Having a quick and responsive mobile platform allows your customer to breeze and brisk through your website finding exactly what they need, when they need it. Using widgets and plugins can make the most difficult task, such a reservation or an appointment engine, flexible for you and the customer, in any industry!

3. Improved SEO/Ranking

Many search engines such as Yahoo and Google provide improved SERPs and Rankings, allowing you to place in a number of growing mobile and local directories.

4. Social Integration

With everything moving over to the new mobile platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Linked-In, it is more important than ever to make sure your websites are consistent with your social profiles. Having the ability to customize, control, and display these through your website is an absolute must.

5. More Control Than Mobile App

Why pay a developer thousands of dollars or waste hundreds of hours trying to create a flexible and working mobile application? You would have to sit down, draw up a design, pay the programmer, then load the application up to the market... What a waste of time. Having a mobile website allows you easily access and implement your content to all formats.

6. Better Ad Management

Mobile advertising is exploding due to the opportunities to reaching your targeted audience with unprecedented accuracy. You can be broadcasted to people who are already trying to find you! Now you can create leads through mobilized opt-in pages which will maximize your investments and ROI's.

7. The Future Is Now

This is cliche. But it's true. The future is here right now. Social media is becoming the new industry leader for authority. Why does Google figure this? Because Social media tells you what is happening today, right now. According to statistics, Twitter can predict the stock market better than any software or specialist in the business.
At Market It Mobile we have a variety of services that you should be involved with in order to keep up with the top competition. Whether you already have an existing website or have nothing at all, your needs will be met. If you are interested in learning more about each individual service, click the button to read more.

1. Custom WordPress Website

Featured Items

  • 100% Custom Website
  • 100% Mobile Optimized
  • 6-10 Pages
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Indexed on Search Engines
  • E-Commerce Ready
  • SSL Security
  • Test Servers for Changes
  • Plus More

2. Keyword Research

We Cover All Areas Of Keyword Research

  • Google Related Keywords
  • Google Local Related Keywords - NEW!
  • Suggested Keywords from Google
  • Suggested Keywords from Yahoo
  • Target # of Local Monthly Searches/li>
  • Target # of Global Monthly Searches
  • Average CPC for Adwords Campaigns
  • Adwords Competition
  • Monthly Reports
  • Formats Include: TXT, CSV, Excel, and HTML.

3. Content Creation

Using Relevant Depth Charts of Your Targeted Keywords

  • We Know What Google Wants
  • In-Depth Keyword Tree For Ultimate Relevancy
  • Can Create Unique Articles Up To 1500 Words
  • Any Niche or Industry
  • Our Blog Management Makes It Hands Free
  • All The SEO is Taken Care Of For You
  • Setup Weekly or Bi-Weekly Articles
  • Plus More

4. Link Building

Our Backlink Criteria

  • Page Rank
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Overall Theme
  • Do Follow Links
  • Anchor Text

5. Reputation Management

Our Approach to Your Positive Image Online

  • Report on ALL Citation Sources
  • Will Analyze for Business Name, Address, and Phone Number
  • Can Filter Unwanted Citations
  • SEO Metrics to Gauge The Strength Of Any Citation Site
  • Provide Google PageRank and SEOMoz Data
  • Average Citation Score for ALL Sites
  • Total Reviews
  • Total Citation Sources
  • Charts of Metrics to Show Changes Over ANY TIME
  • Included Formats: CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF!
  • Plus More

6. Competitor Analysis Reports

An Extensively Populated Report of Social Media Statistics

  • Gather Business Owners Name and Business Data
  • Get Google Places Page Data
  • Can Filter Unwanted Citations
  • Calculate Businesses Geo-Distance From Center of Map
  • Detect Mobile Website
  • Get Facebook Fan Page Data
  • Collect Social Media Metrics for Business
  • Reputation Sources of Over 15 Top Websites
  • Gather SEOMoz Competition Data
  • Included Formats: CSV, Excel, and HTML.
  • Plus More

7. E-Mail Subscriber Campaigns

Setup Landing Pages to Generate More Returning Customers

  • Create a Custom Landing Page For Opt-In
  • Use Your Product, Promotion, or Newsletter
  • Collect and Manage Subscribers
  • Follow Up Autoresponder
  • Custom HTML E-Mails
  • Plus More
At Market It Mobile our goal is to make your life as easy as possible. Whether you are having trouble getting started with a website, generating unique content for your website, managing your social media accounts, building a foundation of loyal customers, creating an e-mail subscriber list, we try and handle it all making this as hands free for you as possible.

Remember, It's All About Convenience

There are better things you could be doing with your time, let us help.

  • Can create unique and custom website
  • Utilize test servers for changes before loading to live website
  • Perform ethical link building which increases search engine awareness
  • Can create genuine and relevant ontent
  • Optimize Google Plus/Places Page for Locals
  • Perform online reputation manage for ALL social media
  • Can generate in-depth and targeted competition reports
  • Report on your websites rank within Google
  • Usage of E-Mail subscriber campaigns to help generate business
  • Plus More

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Did you know?

  1.  According to Google, by 2013 more smartphone owners will use their phones to access the Internet more often than their desktops.
  2. According to Google, 70% of smartphone owners use their device when shopping. This is close to 100 million consumers.
  3. According to Google, 328 million mobile phones are currently in use in the United States.
  4. According to Google, they own 85.78% of the Global search marketplace. Meaning that most of your business should be centered around the Google algorithm.
  5. According to Google, the number of daily page views on Google.com is 7.2 billion.
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