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Search Engine Optimization

Today, it is more important than ever to be optimizing your website for rich-traffic keywords that will increase your organic search traffic from Google. Some key tips are, optimizing your Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube for maximum results. Having said that, our team is capable of bringing your target keywords for your website niche to the front page dramatically increase your flow of traffic.

Mobile Platforms

Does your website still need to be optimized for mobile devices? No worries. Our team specializes in transforming your current website to a mobile platform specifically for mobile users! We are also beginning to develop mobile applications for the business owners looking to take their income to the next level.
Do not hesitate to ask about how you can get your company moved to a mobile platform today!

How This All Happened

I have always been passionate about technology, ever since I can remember… I grew up playing a lot of Sega Genesis and also Nintendo 64, as most parents of the 90′s remember buying for their kids. When I was 8 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where I spent most of my time playing video games either on the computer or xBox. I guess you can say I was “socially awkward”. I didn’t really fit in with most of the older kids, which at the time I thought were really cool, as we all do. Plus it didn’t help that my father’s “rich” taste for food had somehow indirectly affected my physical appearance, hindering my confidence levels at the time. I always was interested in playing sports, but never really had the courage or will to stick out the long rigorous hours of hard physical labor. Which is why technology treated me so well. I had fallen in love with this one-dimensional environment where I was at complete and total control over what was happening. Because I have a knack for computers, and understand the “abstraction” going on behind the scenes of a computer, it all just made sense to me. Hardware, software, restoration, updating, virus removal, programming, gaming, you name it and I could break down that particular technical task and make it practical. While most people never cared for really what was happening, I was always capable of teaching them. The more time I spent essentially “troubleshooting” everyone’s technical problems, the faster and more efficient I got at doing it each and every time.

I went through high school as the tech geek and overweight funny kid most of my career, and everyone knew that I was the go-to-guy for anything technologically related.. Jailbreaking an iPhone? 20 bucks. Too many computer viruses? A swift operating system restore shall suffice. Oh printer drivers aren’t working properly? You got it, I had to do that last week for my dad at his office. Hey Blair, my router is busted, can you see what’s happening? Sure thing, just had to buy and setup a new one for the house. All the time, I was being requested upon to fix and troubleshoot problems that ranged from easy to extremely difficult.. Some of which taught me very valuable lessons when learning how to properly access and solve a puzzle. I will say that as a computer geek, I had an inflated sense of ego about my “hacking skills”, or what my friends called it. So one day I thought “Wow, can I actually hack into stuff?”… The thought pondered and I began to express myself in the only way I knew how… What would Google say? So I started on a new quest via Google, the all knowing wizard, “how to start hacking”, at which I was brought to the Hackforums.net. Unbeknownst to me, this site was a plethora of information – hacking, computing, coding, gaming, market system; literally just a monstrosity of a community full of creepy old men and immature pubescent teens. In my defense though, I was meant to find such a resource as this. It was the perfect environment for a beginner to start learning.. And so my search began here, where I frivolously searched day and night for my answer on “how to start hacking”. I stumbled across a thread that was “Hacking for Beginners”. The thread dove a lot into learning HTML, CSS, Java, and C++ which were all very well documented and open source languages, where the abstraction of coding can be more easily understood. So that’s exactly where I started. And you know what? I fell even more in love with computers and this new frontier I had never considered before.

Having the capacity to literally take control of a website, creating exactly what I wanted through trial and error, and placing it live on a server for all to look upon, was such an exciting service to provide. These days websites have become so vitally important for businesses to grow, yet 95% of the population have absolutely no clue what is going on in terms of Domain Registration, DNS, FTP, PHP, E-Commerce, Firewalls, blah blah blah.. But the even crazier part about all of this, is that in your and my lifetime there have been so many revolutionizing aspects of our world it’s hard to keep up with. Have a Facebook? That’s no surprise, I don’t see how anyone with a Mobile Phone or Computer couldn’t be connected these days. Why is the main reason for this? Because Google indirectly says so. Google tells you what they want to see more of, and as the beloved audience of Google that we are, obey. For anyone reading out there, this is a piece of advice you may or may not already be aware of… But if you aren’t playing by Google’s rules, than your not playing at all… Well what does that mean? It means that 85% of the entire Global Population uses Google every single day for their personal search queries… When was the last time you went online and didn’t use Google? Google is hands down and will forever be the most powerful entity on the entire planet, period. The argument can be debated, but seriously, think about how much Google has influenced the way we do things.. Can you even imagine what the world would be like without such a search engine? Literally think about all of the times you have EVER EVER used Google and give me an answer… I’m guessing your answer is, “I couldn’t even tell you…”, because I sure can’t.

The point is, the world we live in is rapidly changing to a more online and digital approach to evolving and growing your business. There is just no other way around it. If you aren’t playing in the game, then you aren’t playing at all. And as of right now, Google dictates whether or not you’ll be successful.. Why do I say that? Well again, don’t forget how many people out there are counting on Google to find you! I believe that is why I was successful in developing the necessary skills and attitude so fast in order to pursue this new industry. Because I understand what is happening in the background, that most of the people reading simply do not. As far as I am concerned I have over 10+ years of solid experience/background when dealing with Windows, PCs, Macs, and the Internet in general. I understand business, communications, social media, and most importantly computer science. There is a new approach that needs to be taken right now in order to excel in this ever-expanding market. And seriously, if you don’t believe than you are misinformed or someone lied to you.. I believe I am the best person for creating and executing the blueprints behind all of this because I have a sharp mind, a good heart, a powerful will, excellent initiative, and a hardened discipline.

The broken down categories of websites and marketing are as follows: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Branding. These areas, for lack of better word, are what you need to be doing in order to your company. I am also offering a platform or launching pad for many entrepreneurs and networkers like myself who are trying to venture into a new horizon of opportunities, that simply work. The technical industry includes, but is not even closely limited to, website management, search engine optimization, security checks, computer repair, and graphic design. But what we’re talking here is bigger than what anyone can imagine, so try and consider the magnitude of possibilities for capturing market share in a new world market. I invite you to join my team where we will voyage together into a new world of wealth created by the new pandemic and epic pivoting point that is making history as you read this.

Blair Davidson